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What is a Blog and What is Blogging?

I am sure you might have heard or read somewhere the term “blog” and want to know what is a blog and what is blogging? You might ask this question if you are new to the term ‘blogging’.

Well, then you are at the right place. Here, you will learn everything you wanted to know about blogging. I am sure that this blog post will answer your questions!

We will not only answer the question what is a blog and what is blogging, but also provide all the information that you require to start a blog on your own. Yes, that’s true. Anyone can start a blog even without any technical knowledge.


So, you can also start your own blog and share your thoughts with the world. You can also use the blog to promote yourself, your business or even make a living from your blog.

What is a Blog? The Basic Definition

Let’s start with the basic definitions. I know it’s a bit boring, but it’s important as we are just starting out and trying to build the foundation of your knowledge on blogging.

Blog is a short form of WebLog. A blog or weblog is an online website having regular entries or commentaries in the form of posts or articles.

A blog is a discussion based or informational website published on the Internet and consisting of entries that are usually displayed in reverse chronological order. So that means, the most recent article or post will appear first.

Blog is simply a tool to express your views that you may want to share with others and also want others to respond on that stuff. If you write your views publicly and others subscribe to your content then you are a blogger.


Since you have already understood the term ‘Blog’, now it won’t be difficult for you to understand what is blogging, right? As it’s quite obvious, having a blog and writing articles on it is called blogging.

It’s not difficult to become a blogger. You don’t need any degree or any other qualification for this. The only thing that is required is the ability to express yourself and a passion for that.

Creating a blog isn’t a difficult process either. You can do this in less than 5 minutes. The only thing that you need is an internet connection and then you can connect with anyone in this world.

If you are writing your blog posts, then you are helping yourself as well as your readers. You get more knowledge when you research on the topic. Your blog readers also get benefited by your knowledge.

Writing a blog can help you promote your business as well. There are several other benefits. Shortly, we will have a look on the benefits of blog.

Basic Terminology Related to Blogs and Blogging

After understanding what is a blog, it’s time to take a look at some of the basic terminology related to blogs. Once you jump into the blogging world, you will read/hear these terms very frequently. So, it’s important to understand them.

Blog: An online journal or diary with posts displayed in reverse chronological order (latest is displayed first).

Blogger: A person who owns/writes a blog.

Here, you should note that Blogger is also a name of Google’s servicethat lets you create a blog for free. Those blogs having URL as something.blogspot.com, then those blogs are created on Google’s blogger. So, don’t be confused with this service from Google, with the blogger – any person who creates or owns a blog on any type of service or platform.

Blog, as a verb: Blog word can also be used as a verb that means “To write a blog”.

Blogging: Writing a blog is also called blogging.


After understanding what is a blog, you may be wondering why people create it and write regularly. Usually, people want to have their voice heard. They have something to share with the world and want everyone to know about their views.

So as a blogger, you have the opportunity to reach several thousands of people through your blog. The blog can be on any topic of your choice. It can be either a personal blog or a business blog or informational blog with intent of sharing something with the world.

People use blogs to share news, tips on daily life, fashion, health, beauty, technology guides, celebrity gossips, humor, cooking, or any other hobby.


Now let’s understand what is a hosted or free-hosted blog. A hosted blog is a service provided by various blogging platforms to enable you to create a blog for free. For example WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Squarespace.com, Weebly etc are some of the popular blogging platforms.

Using these services, you can just sign up for a free account and start blogging right away. However, just like any other free thing, having a free, hosted blog has some disadvantages.

You don’t get a domain but what you get is a subdomain. The URL of your blog would be like mycoolblogname.wordpress.com or mynewblogname.blogspot.com. Did you notice that the name of the blogging platform is also attached with your blog’s name. Google’s blogger allows you to link your custom domain name (that you may have registered somewhere else) with the free blogger blog. On the other hand, WordPress.com charges your a good amount of money to register a domain name through them.

Second problem with a hosted blog is that it comes with some limitations. Some of them don’t allow you to put advertisements (like Google adsense). They also put restrictions on the customization and adding plugins.

Also, what if Google suddenly decides to discontinue their free Blogger service? They have done this in past with several free services like Google Reader, Orkut etc. It’s totally fair as no business will continue a service that doesn’t add anything to their bottom line.

However, the main disadvantage that I see is it doesn’t look professional to own a free, hosted blog with a subdomain name. It doesn’t leave a very good impression on your readers. It looks like you are not serious about blogging.

So what is the solution to above problems? The answer is self-hosted blog.


A self hosted blog provides solution to all the shortcomings of hosted blogs. Basically, what you do is you sign up for a web host by paying them a very little amount of money and install one of the popular blogging software or a Content Management System. Here is a list of popular content management systems, however, for blogging purpose, WordPress.Org is the best.

Here you should not confuse WordPress.org with WordPress.com. WordPress.org provides a free software that you can install on your web host to create a self-hosted blog. On the other hand, WordPress.com is a platform on which you can sign up for a free hosted blog.

So, my recommendation is to go for a self hosted blog.

Here is a short video on the basics of blog.

The Benefits of Blogging

Following are some of the top benefits that you can give and take by having your own blog. I also have written a detailed post on benefits of blogging that you can read but the following list is good to understand it.


As we just mentioned in previous section, writing blog posts help you improve your knowledge on the topic. You will keep yourself updated with the latest information on the topic.

Blog provides you a platform through which you come across different people with whom you not only share your ideas but also come to know about others’ point of view. This will increase your knowledge as by interacting with others, many new ideas will come to your mind.


Writing a blog can help you in improving your writing skills. First thing by which the readers get attracted towards your blog is your writing style and how you have expressed yourself.

If the content is crisp and useful then the users will get attracted towards your site. It will teach you to think and write like a professional writer. Writing improves your vocabulary as well.


A blog helps you in building friendly relations with your readers as well as other bloggers.

It helps you to interact with different people. Readers comment on your articles and you respond to their comments. This will help you in building friendly relations with them.


In today’s time, almost everyone is uses Internet and they use Internet to search answers to their queries.

If your blog posts rank well in search engines, people will find your content. By writing blog posts, you help them by giving answers to their questions. Writing articles on your blog increases your visibility in the area of your expertise. More and more people will come to know about you.


For writing something, you have to think. This works well for your memory. So in a way, your blog helps you improve your memory.


I am sure now you understand what is a blog and have also become familiar with the basic terminologies related to blogging. Are you ready to get your own blog? Start a blog today and write your own content, sharpen your skills and explore your knowledge.

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