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Top 10 Exercises To Reduce Tummy Fat Post Pregnancy

You’re done with your blissful and exhaustive phase of carrying your baby and delivering your little one. Now, you feel blessed to hold your baby in your arms. True, pregnancy changes a woman in many ways- as a new parent, you may have undergone a huge change both physically and mentally.

Post pregnancy, you may be even more concerned about your body than you were during pregnancy. Its natural- you may want to shed off those extra kilos you’ve piled up and may want to get back your pre-pregnancy shape. We understand your needs and have compiled cool tips to help you get back in shape post childbirth.

Caution before Starting: As the body needs time to recover from the labor and birth which is usually six to eight weeks; you must consult your general practitioner (GP) before attempting to lose weight. It is important for you to be guided of the various changes that have occurred in your body during pregnancy and how to restore your body back to normal, in a healthy way. Starting too soon will actually delay the recovery process and will make you feel tired too.

Exercise after pregnancy to reduce stomach should be your prime concern. Also, keep in mind that it is very much important to have a word with your doctor about the following points before trying out any exercises.

  • You have experienced any complications (or a C-section) while having your baby.
  • You are experiencing back or pelvic pain.
  • You are leaking urine.

How To Lose Belly Fat Post Childbirth?

This is probably one of the first questions that pop-ups to the new mother after all the excitement around has calmed down and necessarily, it has to be done, and in a proper way.

With the following ten exercise tips, you will learn how to lose the extra pounds you may have gained during your pregnancy period and be fit like before (It may be tough to take out time when you have a baby now, but not impossible).

10 Post Pregnancy Exercises For Stomach

1. Gentle Start-Up & Healthy Eating:

Now that as a new mother you may have to focus on both yourself and your baby, eating smaller frequent meals is advised. Healthy proportions of fruits and vegetables, along with the diet are strongly recommended as breastfeeding has started. This will help you to lose fat instead of lean tissue.

After six weeks of rest, post-delivery, you are ready for a gentle start up like walking. In the beginning, try to manage at least 15 minutes of walk, 5 times a week. You can also enjoy walking by taking your little one in a pram or push chair with you, if the weather is pleasant.

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