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how to get twitter traffic

How to Get Twitter Traffic

Twitter traffic has always been and continues to be my number one source of social media traffic. Other social networks like Facebook, Google+, Reddit, pintrest may come later. Twitter is my favorite tool for driving traffic to my blog and also for internet marketing.


Twitter traffic is a secret weapon that i use in getting quality source traffic to my blog. With over millions of active monthly users, Twitter is a traffic goldmine if you have the right tools and strategies.


There are many ways to get twitter traffic, but the most important thing is that you use these techniques properly. On the face of it, Twitter seems like a simple platform. Where you post short messages, get followers, and link them to your site, and it all just work; of course that’s not true.


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If you use Twitter well, it can drive tons of traffic back to your blog. But simply tweeting the title of your blog post with a link back to your site will not work. You need to be very active in creating your post. And also you need to use great marketing strategy when you are tweeting your blog posts. With focused action, you can turn your Twitter account into a lead-generating powerhouse for getting quality twitter traffic.

In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to get twitter traffic to your blog.


How to get twitter traffic

1) Add blog URL to Bio


Most people use their Twitter bio to list information about themselves and their occupation, and then in the website field, they include a link to their blog home page or website. It is important to make sure that you add your website link in your description so that people can visit it directly from your profile page.


2) Use Short Tweets

A tweet short tweet drives traffic to your blog post. Give your followers a taste of your blog post. Include an intreating quote from your article. Try to find a quote that’s concise and gives a flavour of the contents of your post.

You don’t need to just tweet the title of your article. Quotes in general do really well on Twitter. Studies have shown that a tweet with a quote is 54%more likely to get retweeted. If your followers like your quote, and retweet it, they are also likely to click through to your website.


3) Use #Hashtags

Hashtag is one of the important ways of spreading tweets into differ different or various topic . For those who still don’t know what a hashtag is – basically, it’s a word or two behind a # that makes a common discussion subject

Use hashtags related to the subjects of your blog posts so users searching for your expertise on Twitter can find your tweets.

Hashtags have been in use on Twitter for many years, and they provide a great way to connect with twitter users beyond just your Followers. Example of hashtag #tutorwriter. If anyone tweets using my hashtag, it will show up in the feed for my hashtag search. This generate more interest for my blog, and more traffic to my site.


4) Tweet regularly

As with all other kinds of media, if you want to keep your audience, you need to feed it regularly. Writing a short tweet takes just seconds, but it is enough in order to keep your followers happy. It goes without saying, that you should tweet about useful things, so if you don’t have something meaningful to post about you or your sites, it is quite OK to post a link to an article, a video, a blog, etc. you found on the Net and you like.


5) Don’t spam

You might feel that every single user on Twitter is interested in you and your blog/site but this is not exactly so. You might be tempted to make as many users as you can aware of your Twitter page and your latest tweets but you’d better refrain from doing this, unless you want to see if you can get a ban or not.


6) Post with images


The more appealing and enticing your blog post image tweets are, the more they will be interacted with, and the more they will drive traffic back to your site.

Attach a really cool image in your blog post tweet. Make sure that it relates to your post. Try to find an image that will intrigue your followers, and make them want to find out more by clicking through to your blog post.



7) Twitter sharing buttons

Don’t forget to also add Twitter sharing buttons to each page of your website and for every blog post. buttons This way whenever someone tweets your articles etc. you will reach more people and, consequently, get more traffic. It’s an easy way to get other people to share your content and your links for you




As i said earlier Twitter is a simple platform where I get hug traffic. Getting Twitter traffic needs a creative and strategic. To get twitter traffic you need to stop tweeting once or tweeting just your article title followed by the link. Instead, start using these tactics i listed in the post to drive more traffic to your blog.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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