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Create free blog

How to create a free blog on blogspot

Learn how to Create free blog because people think that blogging is a get rich quick business. So many people have been jumping from one place to another, reading one book or the other, reading ebooks one after another and some even paying people just to get a blog.

Are you one of such people who need a blog? Well, jump no more. Today I am going to teach you all that is required when creating a blog to help you create your own blog.

How to create a free blog on blogspot

What Is A Blog?

This question has been on your mind huh? Here is the answer: a blog is a website or online journal that is frequently updated. It is normal owned by just a person or a small group of people. It is used to express ideas and opinions. Most Reasons Why People Become Bloggers.

Blog owners are called bloggers and below are the three most important reasons why people become bloggers.

  • To make money: a whole lot of people ventured into blogging just to make money.
  • To promote there businesses: others just create a blog just to promote the business they already have offline.
  • To show off their passion: only a few become bloggers for this reason, just to do what they like doing. They didn’t come to make money. These ones are called passionate bloggers.

Popular Blogging Platforms

The one I am going to talk about today is Blogger.

What Is Blogger

Blogger is a blogging platform owned by Google inc. It allows you start your own blog free of charge. Your images would be hosted by Pisca which is also owned by Google.

How Much Will I Pay Blogger?

Like I said earlier, creating your blog on Blogger Is free of charge. Blogger will charge you nothing for a start and never will it charge you forever. It is free for life. You will only spend money on subscription to enable you browse the net.

Starting Your Free Blogger Blog

Now you have known what a blog is. We are now going over to how to start your new blog. But you can’t just jump into blogging. You first have to sit down and think over and over.

Think over and over before starting a blog


Blogging Niche

This is the category you want your blog to fall in. It could be entertainment, technology, news, reviews, celebrity gist, cooking, making money and so many others.

One thing to help you choose a good niche for yourself is to remain original. You may have seen that Mr. A is succeeding in technology niche and you’d want to join him. No! That’s not it. Try it and you will fail woefully.

To choose a niche, look for the things you have passion for. The things you know how to do best. If you can cook very well, start up a cooking blog and bring out the best in you. If you can gossip and can listen to gossips, entertainment would be OK for you. That’s how its done.

Have you made up your mind on a niche? no, contact me on Facebook I will help you out. If yes, then continue reading.

Now Get A Google Account

This is not hard. Wondering what a google account is? Just go to then signup using your

  • First name
  • Last name,
  • Desired email address,
  • Phone number
  • Country.

Then click on signup. A confirmation code will be sent to your phone via SMS. Copy that code and paste in the “confirm number” area. Yeah! You now have a Google account and since your Google account is ready, you are good to go.

Now visit and click on “Sign in”. You are now on your way to getting your free Blogger blog.

Now you have to login using your google account details. That’s your email address ( and your password (********). Once you’re logged in, you will be asked to choose a profile you’d want to use. I recommend Google plus profile so choose it and continue.

Create New Blog“. Click on it.

Your Blog Name

Once that tab opens, you will find two text areas, the first is where you should put your blog name. Don’t use your name there. Rather look for a name that well represents what you want to blog about.

Your Blog Address

Everybody has a home address and so does your blog. The home address of this blog you are reading now is But since you’re just starting, your address will be in this format: where blog name is the name you have given to your blog.

Choose Themes

You are on your own here. The theme to choose does not concern me. Rather it is what you think appeals to your eye and to your blog readers. But I recommend a few themes like Emporior, Contempo, Notable. The theme can be changed anytime you want. So choose one first. Latter you can visit to choose a theme you like. If you like tutorwriter theme it will cost you just $25 to get it. Just send me a mail via

So when you have chosen a theme, click on “Create Blog”. You now have a blog.

But wait! There few more things you should do to customize your blog. Like making it visible to search engines, writing a description for it and adding a logo to your new blog.

Make Your Blog Visible To Search Engine

Go to settings > basic > privacy> listed on blogger. Visible to search engine> edit. Then select yes for the two questions as seen in the image below.

Write Your Blog’s Title and Description

To write the title of your blog, Go to setting > basic> title> edit. Then write the title of your blog.

Then to write the description, follow the same terrain. Go to setting > basic> description> edit. Then write the description of your blog.

Add Logo to Your Blog

Goto >  layout. That is where you find the layout of your blog. You’ll see ” Header“, click edit, click then click on “browse” to upload from your computer or phone.

You’re now done!

 Start Publishing On Your Blog

Locate “New Post” at the top left of your screen. Then you can start writing articles and publishing them.

I also recommend you create pages first like the About and Contact page for people to know know about you and how to contact you.

Your blog is set. Announce to friends and relatives and use your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Digg, StumbleUpon to advertise your blog. If you wish to change your blog from to just click here to contact me because I will it publish soon.


If you are having any problem creating your blogspot blog, use the comment box below to comment your challenge I will get back to you by replying your comment and don’t forget to use the share but I on below.


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