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8 Infections You Should Be Aware Of During Pregnancy

Then do not worry, many would be moms feels the same. It’s better to stay updated with the symptoms and causes of various infections you may come across your way to motherhood. It is important to know how to prevent and/or treat them.

Some infections that occur in this period, primarily affect expecting moms, while some infections are perilous to you and/or your baby. Scientifically, a human body is in a constant stage of defense, to protect the body from potential damage from various bacteria and viruses that try to invade.

In order to defend, you produce a number of antibodies, and once your body reaches the specific number required for a particular virus, then you are termed as “immune”; the probability of getting that infection again is reduced to a great extent. Isn’t this wonderful? But at times, these viruses are your body may not be capable of producing adequate antibodies and that causes you infection.

When The Body Fails To Defend Pregnancy Infections?

When you are infected, viruses/bacteria invade the tissues, multiply and produce toxins. Some of the common infections are caused by agents such as viruses, viroids, prions, bacteria, roundworms, pin-worms, ticks, mites, fleas, lice, fungi, ringworms, tapeworms, etc. The problem gets complicated during pregnancy, as the infection might affect your unborn baby.

You become more prone to certain infections during pregnancy, simply because weakness due to exhaustion or other conditions. Further, pregnancy might lead to mild infections to serious complications. Many such risky infections lead to miscarriage, preterm labor, stillbirth, birth defects and maternal death. This is why, appropriate care has to be taken to prevent occurrence; and if infection has already invaded, then it has to be treated immediately.

Why Pregnancy Does Make One More Prone To Infection?

Pregnancy affects the physiological system and a lot of hormonal changes occur during this period. The time of conception, labor and delivery are susceptible to infections and other complications. Here’s a list of infections in pregnancy you should be careful about:

1. Hepatitis B:

Hepatitis B is the most common infection during pregnancy, that affects the liver. If you are infected, it becomes extremely important to take right steps to protect your unborn child from this infection. Acute Hepatitis B Virus during pregnancy is one of the major causes of jaundice in pregnancy. This infection spreads through intercourse with the infected person or through direct contact with the infected blood. Hepatitis B infection leads to increased mortality, low birth weight and premature delivery, hence, immunization of this virus before conceiving is necessary.

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